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First edition of the International Triennal
Contraste awards for digital fine art printmaking

McClain's Printmaking Supplies

McClain's Printmaking Supplies has been importing carving tools, brushes, ink, paper and wood from Japan for moku hanga and woodblock printmakers for almost 30 years. More recently, the company has also been supplying linocut, engraving, Solarplate and monotype artists with the supplies they need. McClain's ships internationally and their web site features a Calendar and Links page, a Gallery of relief prints from around the world and informative newsletters as well as an on-line catalog.

The first solely contemporary woodblock print association and international competition inAsia. Founder and president, Richard Keith Steiner.

Information about and reservations for a demonstration by Mr Steiner can be made: click here.

Learn to make woodblock prints in Mr Steiner's private printmaking school. Courses can be custom-made to suit your schedule.